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If you are interested in a dog, please fill out the form below!

You can also mail an application to:

PO Box 414 Glassboro, NJ 08028


Get A Dog Application Form

    Birth Date:

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    May We Contact Them?

    If you are no longer in the military, are you employed?

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    Who lives in your home?

    Do you rent or own your home?

    Will there be any children in your home with the service dog? *

    Are there any pet allergies in your family?

    Are there other pets in the home?

    If there are other pets in the home, what species? (cat, dog, bird, other)

    If you own pets, are they up to date with all required veterinary care?

    Do you have a fenced yard?

    What do you want the service dog to do for you? *

    Can you handle a dog without help?

    If you cannot handle a dog without help, what kind of help would you need?

    Can you physically care for the dog (feed, potty, etc.)

    Can you afford grooming or do it yourself?

    Will you need help with dog food?

    Will you need help with veterinary care?

    If there is anything else you would like us to know please include a letter with your application.

    By hitting "Yes" below you are signing and UNDERSTAND you will have to provide proof of veterinary care annually and failure to provide veterinary care will result in the dog returning to Paws Healing Heroes.

    Upload DD214 in PDF format:

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